Bronwyn & Colton’s Toronto Engagement Shoot

Bronwyn and Colton recently invited us up to Toronto to spend the evening with them exploring the neighbourhood where Bronwyn grew up. We knew it’d be a good time as soon as we turned up and saw them sat in the grass eating cheese and drinking. We love cheese so much, so this was an instant bonding moment for us. Once all the cheese had been consumed, we left in search of more food, before we stumbled across an amazing chocolatier where we stopped for ice-cream. (Looks like the theme of this shoot was food eh?) It was really great to be able to explore the ‘burbs with these guys, as we honestly don’t know much about Toronto! Plus it gave us a chance to have a different vibe, as their wedding will be outside at the gorgeous Markham Museum. We’re so excited to be part of their day when they get married!


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